Naughty Nevaeh

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Date: 12 years ago

During my morning jog I spotted a lonesome dame lost in thought while she was sitting on a bench staring at the ocean. I immediately went back to my car, picked up my cam, cash and then I nonchalantly approached her. After all the pleasantries, I found out that her douchebag boyfriend kicked her out of their house after an intense argument. She did not have a purse, so i inquired if she had any money for a hotel. She only had twenty bucks and needed a place to stay for the night. I offered her some money for a hotel with a few stipulations attached. After mulling it over for a few minutes, she agreed and then she flashed her perky tits. We went back to my shag pad, I stuffed her mouth and pussy with my schlong. I eventually glazed her face like a donut with my super jizz before sending her back to her boyfriend.