Lip Service

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Duration: 33:01
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Date: 12 years ago

Levi called me over to some store where he was filling in for a friend who had to leave for some kind of an emergency. I was reluctant to hang out at some lame store all day but he piqued my interest when he mentioned how many hot girls kept coming by to shop. When I got there I got bored pretty quick and was just about to leave when Rosey strolled in looking for some sexy underwear for her man. She was immediately drawn to Levi and asked him if he would try it on for her since her hubby was more or less the same size and build. I guess Levi wanted to make a sale because he went and tried it on for her and she peaked into the changing room right in the middle of it all. He came out, she made him strut his stuff and basically threw caution to the wind by having her way with Levi right there and then. She simply could not pass up the chance to be with some dude so much sexier than her hubby. Her words, not mine. LOL.