Panty Dropper

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Duration: 39:18
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Date: 12 years ago

Levi was left taking care of a local bar our buddy owns while he went on vacation, so I decided to keep the camera rolling and hope we get some action. I was just about to give up when Dulce, a sexy Colombian MILF, sat down in the outside lounge area. He jumped to his feet, took her order and came back frustrated because he was having trouble communicating with her. She was giving him the eye and being really flirty but he had no idea how to seal the deal with a huge language barrier in the way. The Spanish I had picked up from my high school second language elective requisites was extremely rusty but desperate times call for desperate measures. It was pretty rough but we managed to make some progress and Levi worked his way into her moist panties with my help. This MILF was squirting all over the bar and riding Levi like a champ.