Kissing Booty

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Date: 12 years ago

We were cruising around town when we came upon April. We honked at her from the car which is totally not the best move, but it is an attention getter. When she ran out of sidewalk, she pretty much couldn't walk away from us, so we thought. April was all smiles, but was really making us work. April and her Colombian American mixture was a handful to convince to come back to the house. It took us a hot minute, but she finally decided to hang with us. One thing lead to another and our pockets were empty and her purse was full. That didn't matter because her panties were wet, and she was done for whatever. She was just milking us for whatever we would give her. Her big ass, phat pussy, and sexy smile were a delightful treat and worth the effort. She was loving Jmac's dick, as we were loving her.